Vol. 144 Individualist “Chptr 12 and Vrs 2”

Following on interview with Nakane-san “Ren” on  “Individualist “Chptr 12 and Vrs 1”. Japanese state of mind. That’s what I have been thinking of through entire time with this platform. Most of us as Japanese do not even care about who we really are I assume. but once you are actually exposed to different culture, you can’t help but to think about it just even for a second. Are we really this xenophobic? or is it just a lame to be thankful to this influx of influence that we have received over a decade?  If we are so grateful and thankful for western culture that we receive so many stuff Continue Reading →

Vol. 142 Individualist “Chptr 12 and Vrs 1”

I was super lucky enough to be able to conduct an interview with this amazing crafter “Ren“. I was actually writing about his product about almost a year ago here and this is nothing but a poor article (or it was probably my random thought so I was hoenestly happy and psyched to conduct an interview!! though) than I have ever seen. Well, I was sorta exploring around what I can do with this platform so this is all good to me now haha.   Born in Shiga prefecture, (which is next to my home town Nara) he has been amazed by how product are made with hands. He stated that Continue Reading →

Vol. 91 Gaing

Couple days ago, I went back home to attend a wedding for one of my friends from high school. Just because I went back home by one of the toughest way, late-night bus, I was feeling a little tired though all of people out there seemed to be celebrating what these two couple had achieved together. I am not really sure how western wedding works when it comes to celebrate but I will be talking about one unique Japanese culture here a bit just to illustrate one of our culture. Japanese usually hand couple congratulatory gifts of money or money gift envelope as to literally help them to cover up Continue Reading →

Vol. 89 yourwear

Passing the March through. Already quarter of year has passed since the beginning of 2016 and now I really feel like time flies by so fast that I cannot keep up with it. Though I would like to keep up with what the world can offer to me about everything I am fond of, cherry blossom that fully bloomed will only be something that can keep up with time that passes by.Recently I have been busy just getting away from what needs to be done and started to feel that I get lazy again. Climbing up on the hill of my mood to feel great about being who I am Continue Reading →

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